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Your Family Portrait Investment...

Your family portrait should be the centerpiece of the common area(s) of your home.  It showcases who you are as a family, and shows everyone and anyone who visits your home where your priorities in life lie.

Your family session is carefully crafted to capture the essence of your family dynamic.. whether it be in the studio, or outdoors.

Our Basic Family Portrait session starts at just $99 for a couple, $125 for a group of 3-9, and $199 for groups of 10 or more.  Travel of more than 25 miles may involve a modest additional charge of $1.50/mi round trip.

Deluxe Family Portrait sessions involve professional make-up and hair stylists to ensure that your family is picture-perfect.  It also includes a planning session where we come out to your home, take measurements of where you want to hang your new keepsake, and then discuss the type of look that you would like us to craft.  When we present your images after our session, it will be superimposed on the wall of your own home, so you can see what each wall portrait size will look like when hung.  We also provide, for a modest additional fee, professional wall portrait hanging services.  Our Deluxe Family Portrait Sessions begin at $299 for couples, $399 for groups of 3-9, and $499 for groups of 10 or more.

Family Portrait Print Packages

Family Portrait Print Packages are exclusive of the session fees.

Economy Family Portrait Package - $250

This package was designed for families on a budget...

You will receive 1 - 11"x14" fully retouched, mounted, and textured mini-wall portrait, 2 8"x10" deluxe mounted desktop portraits, and 16 wallets.

Bronze Family Portrait Package - $615

This is our most basic family portrait package. You will receive a fully-retouched, mounted, and textured 16"x20" wall portrait, 2 11"x14" mini wall portraits, and 16 wallets.

Silver Family Portrait Package - $995

This is, by far, our most popular family portrait package.

You will receive a 24"x30" wall portrait OR a 24"x36" wall portrait (depending on the format and layout of the image), fully retouched, textured, lacquered, mounted, and ready to hang.

Additionally, you will receive 2 11"x14" mini-wall portraits, 4 5"x7" desktop portraits, and 16 wallets.

Gold Family Portrait Package - $1,350

This package is, by far, the most popular package for families who truly care about creating a lasting piece of artwork that will survive the generations.

The centerpiece of this package is a premium quality canvas, mounted, or metal wall portrait of 30"x40".

You also receive 2 additional 16"x20" wall portraits, and 1 11"x14" of the overall family group for each adult child/family involved (limit 3).

Each sub-group shot receives an 11"x14" mini wall portrait of their family group, which can be upgraded to an 16"x20" for $150, or a 20"x24" for $320.

You also receive a complimentary disk of high-res copies of all of your images so you can print smaller prints at cost.

A La Carte Print Pricing

Our print prices are based on “Package Units.” OK… so what in the Wide, Wide, World of Sports is a Package Unit?  

Very simple. Since there are so many print sizes available (as well as products, such as folios), and since there are as many varying needs as there are families out there, we decided to simplify the process considerably for you, while saving you some serious coin in the process.

Each family “Package Unit” is $50. It represents, roughly, the equivalent of a standard 8”x10” print or 2 5”x7” prints, and so on… and this Package Units rate represents a 20% discount from our normal print prices.

You can use the handy chart below to look up the prints or products you want to create in your own unique Senior Graduation Portrait Package, and what their Package Unit is. You can “mix and match” to your heart’s content, and pay only for what you want.



Package Unit

8 Wallets







































We don’t believe in forcing anyone to buy something they don’t want… and we believe in trying to save them money when they get exactly what they need.

Therefore, we also extend Package Unit discounts based on volume… the more you buy, the more you save. Easy Peasy.

For instance, when you your order hits $500, the Package Unit price drops to $46. When your order reaches $1000, the Package Unit price drops to $42. Orders of $1,500 or more earn a Package Unit price of $38.

Please keep in mind that our session fees cover the cost of photographing your family, and do not include prints.