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About Your Investment...

Your images, whether they be family portraits, your children, your grandchildren, your graduating seniors, or an engagement, bridal or wedding...are keepsakes.  They become part of your family history forever... capturing a moment in time that will never come again.  As such, they are an investment on your part into the future... your future... your family's future... and the generational memories that these keepsakes will create.

There are two components to your investment into your keepsake... the session fee, and the print cost(s)

The session fee covers the time, expertise, and experience required to capture your images in the most technically proficient and professional manner possible with the most state-of-the-art equipment on the market.  We invest heavily in our own ongoing education and training so that we can continue to provide the looks, styles, and appeal that our work has had for decades in the Greater Salt Lake City area.  The owner of Scott Breen Photography, D. Lawrence Barksdale, has over 37 years' experience in capturing priceless keepsakes... like yours.

The print cost(s) cover the greater-than-normal cost of having master craftsmen create your keepsake... with tremendous attention and dedication to the smallest of details.  Our prints are carefully color-corrected, meticulously scrutinized, and then pain-stakingly printed using the finest of materials available.  All of our prints over 5"x7" in size or mounted, textured with a texture of your choice, and sprayed with a rich luster spray that will protect your keepsake for generations.

We go to these extra-ordinary lengths, because our customers are a special class... they are typically not the bargain-hunters of the world who don't care about quality.  Our clients recognize that cut-rate prices usually always mean cut-rate quality, shoddy workmanship, and less than optimal image quality.  And their family simply deserves better.

Our clients are those that want the very best for their families, and will settle for nothing less.  Our clients are those who recognize that the adage is absolutely true, that you certainly do "get what you pay for."  In our case, the value that we build into our pricing buys you nothing less than pure excellence for your investment.

Come in and sit down with us, and let us show you the kind of outstanding value that your investment will bring.