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Clothing Suggestions

Clothing Suggestions

Picking the right clothes for your photograph can turn a good portrait into an exceptional one. Take a few minutes to review these important clothing suggestions to make sure you look your best.

General Guidelines

The first thing to think about is how will this portrait be used? Will it be featured promentaly in your home in a frame? Will it hang in a very specific part of your home that is very formal or more casual? Knowing where your picture is going and how it will be displayed plays a major role in your clothing choices.

Formal Portraits

Women – Focus on solid colors and avoid busy prints or patterns. Remember that dark colors are slimming and light colors can add weight. Avoid bare arms, trendy clothing and distracting jewelry. Wear your makeup slightly heavier then normal and avoid open neck clothing. Avoid white if possible – see the “wearing white section below.

Men – Wear jackets that are solid color and avoid bright stripes or patterns in your coat. Ties should have subtle tones and should blend well with your suit or jacket. Avoid the tie that would jump out in a crowd. White shirts are fine as long as a coat is worn.

Casual & Outdoor Portraits

In case you are looking for a more casual portrait, here are a few suggestions. Again, stay away from busy patterns or distracting styles. Solid colors are the very best and will help focus the attention of the portrait on the faces and expressions in the group. Coordinating pants and skirts with kaki or denim can add a nice feel to your finished portrait. Men & boys should have a shirt with a color and avoid tee shirts. Anything from pastels to earth tones work well outdoor or in our “high key” studio but avoid extreme color differences in the group.

Wearing White

Many clients ask about wearing white. The general rule is if one person in the group is going to wear a white shirt or blouse – then everyone in the group should wear a white shirt or blouse. Your eye is always drawn to the brightest spot in a photograph and balancing colors and tones is important. If white is balanced within a group of any size it is fine – but worn by only one or two people it can be very distracting.

Other Suggestions

-Simple garments with long sleeves are generally the best things to wear because they highlight your face.

-Avoid trendy clothing. Your picture could look outdated in just a couple of years.

-Avoid low neck lines and distracting or excessive jewelry. Faces and expressions should be the focus of your portrait.

-Family or group portraits look the best when everyone is wearing a similar color tone. Be careful to make sure everyone is wearing a color that blends well an does not clash with other colors in the group.

-Avoid combining dark and very light colors in the same group photograph. Spend a few minutes coordinating your clothing and you will love the results. You will have a portrait that you enjoy for many years to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact our studio for any additional information or suggestions!!